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GSA 5.2.8 Server / Lite, how to make single maps accessable from internet

Björn Schaefer

Confirmed GSA Customer
Oct 26, 2020
Hi All

The physical GSA Server is located within the LAN, so GSA Server runs within the LAN too. Is there any possibility (via proxy i.e.) to open up a single map to Internet, so that we could present that map within our homepage, without the need, to put the GSA Server into a DMZ ? I know, that GSA Server offers wms services, but I don't know, what would be neccessary, to "redirect" those....

If so, may anybody give me a description "how to", which I may forward to our network-admins for discussion?

thanks in advance


Spatial Eye - Moderator
Staff member
Confirmed GSA Customer
Sep 28, 2019
Hi Björn,

I get your idea, but no, that is not possible. Network services differentiate by port and protocol. Either a GSA Server service (!) is available trough a certain network path, or it is not - there is no way to differentiate that by map.
However, that leaves you not out of options.

What you can consider is running an additional GSA Server service (an instance of GSA Server bound to it's own TCP port), having just a limited configuration with just one map, bound to a certain TCP port which is different from your current GSA Server instance. From a technical perspective traffic could be routed from outside the network inbound to this specific port. However, usually when organisations have a DMZ, no inbound traffic at all is allowed to any machine not living inside the DMZ. So it is not just a matter of what is technically possible, but also something that should be compliant with the organization's policies.

I don't think wms services will help you bypassing technical limitations and/or policies. Considering the information you gave in your question, my first thoughts would go to an additional machine with GSA Server in the DMZ. But again, there are many ways to solve your ultimate goal, and it is mainly depending on what will and what will not be allowed.

Best regards,