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GSA desktop in virtualized environments?

Robert Lilley (GE)

GE Digital
Confirmed GSA Customer
Jul 22, 2020
Is anyone using GSA in a virtualized environment, such as Citrix?
I can't find anything in the Documentation or System Requirements.
Is it possible, and if so can you provide any details such as installation, architecture, or number of users?


Spatial Eye - Moderator
Staff member
Confirmed GSA Customer
May 26, 2020
The attached document contains a more detailed description of system requirements for various scenarios and products.

The desktop client can be deployed on a Citrix infrastructure.

A virtualized desktop session has the same system requirements as would apply to a physical machine (e.g. processor, memory, disk, network, and OS).

From a Citrix perspective, this can be seen as the expected footprint from a GSA session (which is typically more exhausting than a Word or Excel session).

This means that a Citrix server can host fewer GSA sessions than it would do for Word or Excel sessions, but that’s obvious from the footprint.

Specific points of attention toward deployment of virtualized desktops can be mentioned

- Required video capabilities; Appropriate video hardware on underlying hardware can be beneficial
- Session landing; Dedicated Citrix server nodes for GSA sessions can be beneficial over ‘mixing’ amongst other types of applications
- I/O bandwidth to data sources; The ‘better’ (e.g. closer) the connection to the underlying data sources, the better the performance
- Peripherals; Typically GSA users will do printing/plotting and will require access to files available in the network


  • Spatial Eye Product Portfolio - System Requirements.pdf
    652.9 KB · Views: 9