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Required Anonymous license for GSA SSM on 5.3.0 ?

Heewook Park

New member
Confirmed GSA Customer
Sep 25, 2020
I'm using GSA-5.3.0 with GE Pre-Sales licenses and when I try to get SSM tile request with Anonymous setting, I got this error message on the server log

[E] [GSA] No more Anonymous User Access Licenses left, the maximum number of 0 anonymous sessions have been reached.

[F] [GSA] Cannot authenticate with provider 'Anonymous Access': The server is unable to process the request since the maximum number of active sessions is exceeded.

And this is server license info on the log

[GSA] ***************************************************

[GSA] * *

[GSA] * The server is licensed for: *

[GSA] * *

[GSA] * 10 concurrent authenticated user sessions *

[GSA] * 0 concurrent anonymous user sessions *

[GSA] * 10 concurrent client access sessions *

[GSA] * *

[GSA] ***************************************************

Do we need new licenses which have to support "anonymous user sessions" ?