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System Improvements

Robert Lilley (GE)

GE Digital
Confirmed GSA Customer
Jul 22, 2020
Cool map by FPL showing System Improvements (areas being worked) and Power Tracker (showing outages). I wonder if they are using their Smallworld data for this?

Would be cool to stand up something like this with GSA and GSA Lite maybe?
Has anyone else done something like this?

Björn Schaefer

Confirmed GSA Customer
Oct 26, 2020
Hi Robert!
Still working on maps like this, but not openend towards internet yet. something like this is for internal use:
Smallworld data is used as well as another firebird-DB datasource.


the firebird data may allow several thematic maps due to many attributes (some are shown here)


for opening up something like this to "everybody" (the internet) there would be some more challenges:
a) setting up a secure second GSA Server within the DMZ, for hosting "free" analytics. The datasources for that GSA Server would be i.e. excel files, created by the internal GSA Server, so that there would be no need to open up n ports and firewall rules from DMZ to LAN.
b) including GSA Lite into own Homepage
c) internal discussion, what kind of outages shall be shown here