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Error in Report Designer

Rob Switzer

New member
Confirmed GSA Customer
Sep 17, 2020
I'm running into issues trying to add a map into a report with the Report Designer with GSA v5.2.5. It doesn't want to grab the correct map type or actual geometry and comes up with an error "XRMapTypeConverter cannot convert from System.String". In the screen shot below I've added the map name "Default" since it won't populate anything. Tried a few scenarios but still end up with the error.

Anything I'm doing wrong here? I'm simply dragging fields into the Report Designer including geometry fields and the geometry fields are the only ones that don't appear to work.



Frank Pistorius

Spatial Eye
Confirmed GSA Customer
May 26, 2020
Hi Rob,

This sounds like the issue logged as:

SE-15773: Cannot select map type for new geometry field in report

This issue was resolved in the GSA patch release as can be seen here.


Frank Pistorius