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GSA Customer Forum #11 - April 9, 2024

Robert Lilley (GE)

GE Digital
Confirmed GSA Customer
Jul 22, 2020
Recording and presentation of the April 9, 2024 GSA Community Forum #11 hosted by GE:
  • Introductions, Agenda - 5 min
    • Robert Lilley (GE Business Development Lead, Geo Network Management)
  • GSA Suite Product Update, Enhancements, Roadmap - 30min
    • Ken Korsmit (Spatial Eye)
  • How Alliander speeds up grid engineering through GE GSA-based permit evaluation - 20min
    • Albert Offermans – Product Owner, Alliander
  • Tracking planned fiber routes in PNI using GSA - 20min
    • Zak Wodek – Sr. GIS Analyst, Exelon
  • Question period – 5 min
Presentation link
Recording link