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GSA Pro 5.3. Geometry: Transform Expression

Björn Schaefer

Confirmed GSA Customer
Oct 26, 2020
Maybe a stupid Question, but I do not know, how to use the transform method properly.
The online description says:
Geometry Geometry.Transform(CoordinateSystem coordinateSystem)

but there is no hint / example, how to "spell" the coordinate system correctly

What I want to do:

[Nsp Hausanschluss].Position.Transform(?)
and I would like to specify this to WGS84, but how?

Frank Pistorius

Spatial Eye
Confirmed GSA Customer
May 26, 2020
Hi Björn,

A coordinate system can be created using the CS() function.

As can be seen there, translating your geometry to WGS84 can be done using:
[Nsp Hausanschluss].Position.Transform( CS(4326) )

This uses the EPSG code of WGS84. For other means of creating a coordinate system, see the documentation on the CS() function.


Frank Pistorius